Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Running through my head...

In a day.. do you ever wonder, how many millions thoughts run through your head? "What should I wear?"..."Is it time to get up yet?"...."I shouldn't have had that 3rd chocolate chip cookie!"....."I need a vacation!"....."does this work?"

Day or night, consciously or subconsciously, our mind is constantly on the move. Talking to us, bossing us around, cajoling us to take a chance, showing us it time to let dead dogs lie. Everything that we do is dictated by these thoughts...but we are so used to them racing through our heads that we rarely to stop to assess them.

Just as you are drudging on with your daily chore...suddenly one tiny thought will grab your attention, get into the spotlight...make you take a step back and ponder....and just like that this one little thought becomes the highlight, the star, the main event of THAT day!

I write this blog to that THOUGHT which becomes the focal point of any given day... with whom I have a TRYST IN MY MIND....

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